Why Robots are going to Replace Human Employers?


Why Robots are going to Replace Human Employers?

Our planet the earth is going through a revolutionary period. It took no time for an idea to be converted into reality. One of these ideas is to replace human employers with robots. Now here is a great threat for those wagers who are going to be replaced by robots, like humanoids. We’re going to discuss these reasons for which we are going to replace robots with human employers.

We need to make a comparison between our rowboat and a human:

  1. Mood
    Robots can always be in a good mood. No matter how much you will abuse it verbally or you charge it physically. As compared to robots this is not the case with humans. Humans can’t be always in a good mood. They will give an equal and opposite response to any kind of abuse.
  2. Perfection as demanded
    In the case of robots, they can always do what you demand. And perfection is always at its best. When you compare human employer they lacked perfection and can also add their thoughts without knowing the consequences.
  3. No vacation
    Humans have weekends besides these holidays they have some other legal vacations. On comparing the robots. They will not get tired, they won’t go on vacation, and they will work 24/7, giving a lot of output. An output which is, for better and perfect than that given by humans.
  4. A Romantic Partner
    Now the robots can be friendlier and even romantic partners for you. Unlike humans, they won’t be much demanding. There only demand would be the charging of their batteries or any repair work if ever needed.
  5. Efficiency and Artificial Intelligence
    The robots will be very efficient and their artificial intelligence will prove them far better than humans. They will be able to make difficult decisions, even on the occasions where humans will hesitate.

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