Why Should You Consider Careers in Information Technology?

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Why Should You Consider Careers in Information Technology?

Information Technology (IT) is defined as the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data or information. As of today, IT becomes one of the most influential developments that rapidly transform and reshape people’s way of living in the context of how to live and how to work. Working in the information technology field is one of the ideal careers. Here are some reasons why you should consider careers in IT:

1. Quick Employment 

There is always a significant demand for highly-skilled IT workers. According to research, net tech employment increased by approximately 60,000 positions in 2019, and a growth rate of 3.6% over the previous year. This trend won’t end anytime soon. Despite challenges presented by the coronavirus, the Canadian tech industry continues to grow, demonstrated by the vast amount of relative job postings. 

2. A Variety of Career Opportunities 

As an industry with immense growth potential, there are always versatile career opportunities provided. In this diverse industry, you can find your dream career in several different directions. Careers varied from the network administrator, web developer, IT consultant, web designer, IT director and so on. No matter whichever career path you want to take, prepare yourself with the required skills, logical training and critical thinking. 

3. Easy Accessibility 

There are various diploma programs and IT courses offer by education sectors in Canada. Though gaining a Bachelor’s degree in information technology is helpful for you to develop a solid understanding of theories and better career options; completing certifications will enhance your skilled set and it will become a competitive advantage for you in the workplace.

4. Better Income

The IT professionals are paid well comparing to professionals in other fields. In Canada, the average annual salary for information technology pros is $76,475. Although most people working in the entry positions do not start their careers at this salary level, they can advance their careers and salaries by learning new analytical skills, gaining professional work experience, and earning valuable certifications. 

5. Get to keep up with New Technologies 

The information technology industry is one of the most rapidly changing industries. IT professionals have to put a lot of effort into staying updated with technological advancement. That is also the reason why most employers are looking for highly-skilled professionals. Keeping your skills and knowledge up to date is essential, not only to stay in the business but also to accelerate the career. 

If you have a passion for computers, the internet, or technology, why not turn it into a career? 

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