Why Two-Factor Authentication is Necessary?

Why Two-Factor Authentication is Necessary?

All of us are very cautious about our passwords for emails, websites, and ids on different websites. All of these things are protected by a password that we can remember easily. The problem is that this easy remembering password is very easy to break. If any password goes to the wrong hands. Then, of course, we are in trouble.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is the process in which to login account, you will use two types of your identification. If you are failed to provide them both. You won’t be able to login to your email ids, websites, and that any other account.

In normal cases, the first factor of these two is, of course, your regular password. You can even make the first factor very strong. To do so you will have to use a strong combination involving upper and lower case letters of English alphabets, numbers and symbols. These characters should not be less than 12. The combination of all these four things with more than 12 characters definitely will come up with a strong password difficult to break or hack.

The second factor varies widely. You can choose from a number of options. Fingerprint, facial expressions, code via text message to cell and code via email to any other account. No matter whichever factor you will choose you will have two provided at the time when you are going to login to any of your accounts.


Two-factor authentication makes our personal data more secure. If someone will try to poke his nose into our accounts. The servers will block him out immediately as soon as he won’t be able to provide any of the authentication factors.

It might be possible that some of us will consider this process to be time taking. It will add an extra 15 to 20 seconds to your login time, but will it not worth giving this much time for the safety of your accounts.

The banks, while they are giving you the online access to your account have made it compulsory to use two-factor authentication. Whenever you will log in to your online banking. First, it will ask a password from you and as soon as the password is entered a numerical code is sent via text message to your mobile. Once providing that code, you are given access to your online banking.

Keeping all these things in view and a number of passwords and accounts that are 2.7 billion hacked in 2019 according to Wikipedia. It is necessary to use two-factor authentication in our online dealings.

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