Career Opportunities as Network Administrator

Career Opportunities as Network Administrator. Training Courses, Task, and Responsibilities.

Today, every enterprise is dependent upon computer networks in one way or another. Government agencies, schools, businesses, hospitals use networking to move data and share information daily. These computer network systems are interconnected with wired or Wi-Fi networks. Different hardware and software are configured according to the needs of different employers and enterprises. This could be a local area network (LANs) or a vast area network (WANs). These networks of computers being used in different organizations require network administrators at different positions. These positions include maintenance, troubleshoot, protection, and updates.

Different Positions and Responsibilities of Network Administrators.

Mainly, IT companies and organizations are hiring network administrators to maintain their network of computers and devices related to them. They must perform troubleshooting, optimization, regular maintenance, security check, necessary upgrades, and above all disaster recovery operations in hazardous situations. Due to several types of technologies being used in computer networks, there are several positions and roles for a network administrator. There are different skills and responsibilities against those positions needed from a network administrator. He will have to work in teams and also independently behind the screens. The main task of network administrator are:

  • Troubleshooting any problem occurring in hardware, software, server issues, connectivity.
  • Configuration of cloud services.
  • Backup of different operations.
  • Training of users for software and hardware.
  • Configuring and installing workstations.
  • Network documentation maintenance.
  • Network Security monitoring.
  • Skills Required for Network Administrator:

It is essential for network administrators to have full command of technical knowledge with strong communication skills and customer service. It is essential to have detailed knowledge of networking, software, hardware, security problems, and optimization. Moreover, network administrators also need proper skills to convey and explain different networking concepts to the users and clients. The skills needed for network administrator include:

  • Communication skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Patience.
  • Presenting complex concepts in simple and friendly language.
  • Network administrators should be able to meet deadlines even under pressure.
  • Good research and analytical skills.
  • Ability to learn continuously to develop new skills.

Find Network Administrator Jobs in Canada

Today, employers are giving more preference to those network administrators who also have soft skills; like teamwork and communication. Companies also prefer candidates having advanced level innovation, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Training for Network Administrator at Bay River College:

In most cases, the network administrator needs a diploma or degree in computer networking technology. Our college Bay River College is offering a network administrator program. So the students can choose the right one that fits their career goals.

At Bay River College, we are also offering an accelerated twelve-month program of Information Technology and Network Administrator. This program can prepare students for jobs at entry-level network administration or as network technicians. The training also includes an internship of six weeks.

The interested students are welcome to contact our admission advisors just by clicking below. They are exceptionally qualified and will also give counselling on demand.

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