Community Support Worker (CSW) – Pros and Cons

Community Support Worker (CSW) Pros and Cons

The career as a community support worker is very appealing for those willing to help the vulnerable population. The community support workers try to help vulnerable people with the resources and tools to overcome the challenges. How to rebuild their careers and achieve their goals? The carrier that requires you to be compassionate can also be advantageous.
However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages attached to every profession. It is essential to go through them before getting committed to this career. This article will explain some important and cons of CSW.

Pros being Community Support Worker (CSW)

Short training period:

There is no need to get a university degree for this career. Just a college diploma will be enough that will take only 55 Weeks. Our college Bay River is one of the best facilities for getting a CSW diploma in 55 Weeks.

Diverse Opportunities:

The community service involves a long list of opportunities as helping:

  • Homeless people
  • Children and youth
  • Immigrants and refugees
  • People are struggling with mental health and addiction.
  • Aboriginal people
  • Ex-offenders People with disabilities
  • The LGBTQ community
  • Abuse survivors

One can start practising at schools, social service agencies, shelters, group homes, and many other facilities.

Higher Demand:

In Canada, the population is growing with increasing cases of abuses, addictions, offences, et cetera. That gives a three-star career rating for a community support worker. It is predicted that until 2025 there will be a 27% growth rate for the employment of community support workers.

Fully Engaged Job:

The job of a community support worker can never be tedious. The everyday duties can be different. It might be possible that you are assessing your clients, and the next day you are solving their problems. Every day can bring something new. It might be challenged to overcome for the problem to be solved with creative solutions. One had to deal with different people belonging to several walks of life, and every one of them had his own story to tell.

Cons for being Community Support Worker (CSW)

Cannot Always Be Helpful:

Sometimes a situation is too overwhelming, making it difficult to solve problems. It might be possible that even the resources are not available. Moreover, sometimes people deny your help. It is necessary to accept the fact that you cannot help everyone. Otherwise, that will stress you out.

Anxiety and Stress:

The job of a community support worker is to help people in distress that can also affect their own emotions. So one should be strong enough to deal with the stress of helping such people. That makes it essential to take self-care and remain physically, mentally, and emotionally intense.

Low Salaries:

Working as a community support worker, one makes $ 36,000 yearly. However, the increasing experience can make it around $ 62,000 a year. So at starting salaries will be much lower and will remain low, even after getting enough experience.

Training for community support workers (CSW):

After going through all these pros and cons, if you’re still willing to start a career as a community support worker, our college Bay River is offering a buyers diploma program that will last for 55 Weeks. 260 hours internship at any local organization will be a part of this.

You need more information feel free to contact our admission advisors just a click away. They will help and also counsel you with all your queries.

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