Difference between Community Support Worker and Health Care Aide

Difference between Community Support Worker and Health Care Aide

You are not a doctor but wanted to start a career in the healthcare Department. Because you get overwhelmed by helping needy people. You get excited about making a difference in their lives. In that case, the best alternative career options are Community Support Worker (CSW) and Health Care Aide (HCA) In Canada, the above carriers are also highly in demand. Moreover, to get trained in these careers can take even less than a year.

Bay River College is offering both Community Support Worker (CSW) and Health Care Aide (HCA) programs with an internship in reputable medical facilities. It may get difficult to choose between these two career options. However, this article will enable you to learn the significant differences between these two careers. Consequently, that will help to come up with the final decision. The article will discuss the training procedures, skill sets, job responsibilities, et cetera.

Job Description Community Support Worker (CSW):

The community support worker helps people at risk with their social and also personal problems. They are trained to deal with clients, including children, teens, adults and senior citizens. Community support worker tries to help people by getting enrolled in social welfare programs. They also allow them to access social services. That can help them to a life goal with stability.

Community support workers help out the most vulnerable people. That includes:

  • That survived domestic violence and abuse.
  • Homeless youth and adults.
  • People who get addicted.
  • New Canadian citizens and refugees.
  • People were suffering from mental and intellectual health disorders.
  • Families who need exceptional support.
  • Children and youth at risk.

After assessing the needs of their client, community support workers help them in getting available services. These services include affordable housing, job training, detoxification programs, and emergency shelters. They also provide counselling and emotional support and help to set up goals. The people get help and start leading more fulfilling, healthier and independent lives.

Job Description for Health Care Aide (HCA):

Health Care Aide assists people in need for their daily living. Most of the clients are senior citizens living in long-term facilities, and some of them also get help at their houses.

Health Care Aide will have to report to a licensed nurse. However, they are independent in dealing with clients. Mostly they are helping people with debilitating conditions, disabilities, and terminal illnesses. Because they cannot take care of themselves. They can assist their clients with:

  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Hygiene
  • Grooming
  • Medication
  • Nutrition and meal preparation.
  • Social activities.
  • Emotional support and sympathy.
  • Therapeutic exercises.

With the help of a Health Care Aide, the vulnerable people lead comfortable, independent and safe lives. Most of the time they succeeded in helping senior citizens. They help them to spend more time in their own homes instead of care homes. They interact with nurses to update them about the behaviour and condition of the client.

Training Requirements for Community Support Worker (CSW):

Community Support Worker and Health Care Aide both careers have different training. In the case of community support worker training one had to go through:

  • 55 Weeks program.
  • Online or on campus.
  • Internship of 260 Hours
  • Hands-on training concerning assisting and counselling the population at risk.

Focus areas are sociological, addiction, counselling, and psychology.

Training Requirements for Health Care Aide (HCA):

  • 32 Weeks program.
  • Online or on campus.
  • Internship of 320 Hours.
  • Focus areas are home care, anatomy, serving health changes, safe client care techniques.
  • Related certificates are first aid, nonviolent crisis invention, CPR, safe resident handling, and PIECES.

Career Options for Community Support Worker (CSW) & Health Care Aide (HCA):

Community Service Worker gets employment at:

  • Homeless shelters.
  • Hospitals
  • Group homes.
  • Women’s shelters.
  • School boards.
  • Youth centres.
  • Substance abuse centres.
  • Community service centres.
  • Correctional Facilities.

Whereas the Health Care Aide mostly gets employed at personal home care and long-term health care facilities. Hospitals and companies also hire them that need to provide care to their clients in their respective homes.

The Perfect Training at Bay River College:

In Canada, several colleges are offering certification and diplomas for Health Care Aide and Community Support Worker training. However, Bay River College College took pride in offering the best teaching and technical staff. We have hired admission advisors ready to answer all your queries and are more kind of counsellors. They will offer you a nice walk through all the requirements.

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