Why Cyber-security is One of the Most In-Demand Careers Across the Nation, In Every Industry

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Why Cyber-security is One of the Most In-Demand Careers Across the Nation, In Every Industry

Cybersecurity is a must, and overall, cybersecurity specialists are severely lacking across the world. In a world where technology is always in flux, constantly changing and improving, the threat to those technological advances is ever more significant. It is now more critical than ever to take the time to create proper cybersecurity. With this new age of technology, there are far more threats to cybersecurity than ever before making it necessary to take the time to develop cybersecurity that is as advanced as our current technology. With the advancement of technology, also comes with the requirement of professionals who are well versed in cyber security and cloud computing.

To have a practical approach to cybersecurity, you have to be able to look at it through the lens of several different computer professionals. You must take on the mantle of a hacker, scientist, the sleuth, even the firefighter that comes in and cleans up the mess. You must also keep the position of defender and advisor in mind as well.

Taking this approach allows you to truly see what changes need to be made, and to attack your cyber security plan from all angles.

Cyber risk is something that all industries, government, schools, and more need to think about. This continues to be a priority for all. Since technology is moving so fast, changing so often, and changing so thoroughly, it becomes necessary to create a cybersecurity approach that is going to be evergreen, but that is also going to change as needed to accommodate the new technology and advances.

One critical component of cybersecurity is the human factor. Humans account for a significant amount of risk when it comes to cybersecurity. With the right teams and the right talent, cyber security can become a top priority for any college or any company.

Canada is currently undergoing a cybersecurity talent shortage. There is an increasing demand for professionals that have experience and know how to help create better cybersecurity. Now, cybersecurity professionals make up about 5-6% of any organization’s IT staff, making them a critical part of any team. A considerable number of companies state that they expect the number of cybersecurity professionals on their team to grow in the next year and to continue to grow after that.

Lack of cybersecurity professionals is one of the most significant issues that businesses are currently dealing with. That being said, this significant shortage of professionals that are trained and educated in cybersecurity creates a new career path for many students. The increased need for cybersecurity professionals makes following this career path very lucrative for those that want a solid career that is going to keep growing and keep changing and keep delivering new opportunities for career advancement.

Following a career track in cybersecurity and technology is a highly beneficial career path for anyone that wants a job that is always going to be in demand and that is always going to be needed. A whopping 73% of businesses surveyed believed that they would see a growth in their own cybersecurity teams and the need for more cybersecurity professionals in their own teams in the next year. This positive growth is both good, and bad. For those companies that do have an expected positive growth but are lacking in talent, this could be a difficult time for those companies that are looking for new talent.

On a positive note, those new students that are pursuing a career path in cybersecurity, there are now going to be more jobs likely when they graduate and start looking for work. A career in cybersecurity is one that is going to be very reliable and is going to give students the chance to do something truly positive and good and to show their skills and talents to their employers. The face of cybersecurity is changing, and it is a new group of cyber professionals that are just becoming part of the workforce and are working to make a positive change in all things cybersecurity and technology related.

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