Workplaces for Medical Office Administrator

Workplaces for Medical Office Administrator

The medical office administrator is the role in high demand; mainly at hospitals and clinics. They are the main reason for running hospitals smoothly. Moreover this job varies from working as a receptionist to working behind the scenes as a transcriptionist. Consequently the medical office administrative job description is putting anxious patients at ease, preparing medical documents, updating patient records, and helping doctors stay on their schedules. Furthermore MOAs are those connecting dots that are working between specialists, doctors, nurses, and patients. There is always a scarcity of well-qualified and experienced MOAs. The three most common jobs for a career in medical office administration will be discussed in this article.

Medical Transcriptionist:

This could be a simple job to listen to doctors, physicians, and healthcare professionals’ voice recordings and then transcribe them as written reports. Mostly these recordings are about the diagnosis, recorded notes mostly from emergency room visits, final summaries, operations, and also chart reviews. Mean while the transcriptionist transcribe those recordings and present to the doctor for final approval. However the position as medical transcriptionist mostly is available and doctors’ offices and hospitals.


According to the data collected from The Government of Canada Job Bank, the median salary for a medical transcriptionist is approximately $ 24 per hour, which can reach up to $ 27 per hour.

Key skills:

The critical skills needed for this job as a transcriptionist are a typing speed minimum of 60 words per minute (wpm). Moreover, with attention to minute details, we sound understanding of complex medical abbreviations and terminology. The experience of using transcription and dictation software is also necessary.

The Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Firstly transcribing doctor’s office visit notes, reports, medical documents and summaries.
  • Secondly well-versed in working with the latest transcription technology that includes computer software, speech recognition, equipment and word processing, et cetera.
  • Performing some administrative duties like retrievers of requisition and also the distribution of transcribed reports.
  • The final responsibility is to carefully proofread the typed documents and make corrections concerning the drama and spellings with proper medical terminology.

Medical Office Assistant:

This job description includes a long list of administrative tasks starting from managing inventory and booking appointments. The skilled and experienced office assistants are considered as valuable assets of the health team.


The median wage for the role of medical office assistant starts from $ 70 per hour to $ 25 per hour based on experience and hard work.

Skill Set:

Many a time’s medical office assistants are required to handle the clinic software. Moreover, employers are willing higher those who are responsible, detail-oriented and responsible and able to work under pressure.

The Major Responsibilities for Medical Office Assistant includes:

  • Answering phone calls.
  • Greeting patients.
  • Updating patient’s medical record.
  • Maintaining doctor’s schedule.
  • Confirming and rescheduling the appointments.
  • Sterilizing equipment.
  • Inventory management.
  • The billing processing and insurance.
  • Updating patient’s data and record on electronic medical record system.
  • Helping out the correspondence between patients, physicians, and specialists.

Clinic Receptionist:

They are hired by dentists, doctors, healthcare practitioners, physiotherapists, and chiropractors. Moreover the job description describes the clinic receptionist as a person running the front desk of the health office.


The salary of a clinic receptionist can range between $ 17 per hour to $ 25 per hour in Canada.

Key skills:

For this role, strong communication skills are essential. Consequently the employer’s demand is for a search receptionist who should be professional, patient, welcoming, and friendly. Above all adequate knowledge of healthcare software is necessary for processing bills and scheduling appointments.

The Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Greeting visitors.
  • Answering the phone calls.
  • Applying insurance claims.
  • Replying to emails.
  • Keeping the place neat.
  • Inventory management.
  • Payment processing.
  • Preparing minutes for staff meetings.

Training as Medical Office Administrator:

The employees always prefer to hire that medical office assistant with a college diploma. Therefore same demand is with the clinics and hospitals. That is to say Bay River College offers the best diploma program, which includes transcription practice, reception skills, health office software, medical terminology, billing, and electronic records management. Moreover, there is also four weeks internship at any renowned local hospital or clinic. Still, if you are confused, feel free to contact our admission advisors. They are available 24/7 and ready to answer all your queries. Moreover, they are excellent counsellors to discuss your future career options.

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