Medical Office Administration; an Amazing Career after Recalling Following Six Factors

Medical Office Administration; an Amazing Career after Recalling Following Six Factors

Medical Office Administration career is a perfect option after considering it from the following six different angles. This will help you understand the profession more keenly. These factors include:

  • Job description
  • Required training
  • Career options
  • Salary
  • Pros and Cons
  • The job outlook in Canada

Choosing a future career involves several factors before making a final decision. You had to consider practical matters like job description, salary, and career opportunities around here. Moreover, your interest plays a vital role in the future selection of a career that makes you feel complete and happy more than just contended. At the same time, considering medical office administration as a future career option. One needs to examine it from different angles that could be related to practical and personal life.

How to Find out That Role of Medical Office Administrator Is Good for You?

First of all, it is essential to consider the work of a medical office administrator. What kind of tasks are needed to be done on daily basis?

Medical office administrators are the first person ready to serve you as a patient upon arriving at hospitals and clinics. Mainly, they are required to sit at the reception. Moreover, they also direct the patient to the concerned specialists and department and also coordinate doctors for their appointments. Furthermore, there are many responsibilities and the significant role that medical office administrators play. These responsibilities include:

  • Collecting information of patients after receiving them.
  • Keeping patient records and files update.
  • Triage responsibilities (helping the hospital staff decide priority about patients to be seen first, depending on the level of their emergency).
  • Appointment scheduling and reminder calls.
  • Ordering new supplies after checking inventory.
  • Replying to emails and answering phone calls.
  • Assisting doctors with the examination if needed.
  • Preparation of examination rooms.
  • Doing the transcription of medical documents and reports.
  • Building and processing OHIP.
  • Collecting requisitions and lab results

Still, if you are willing to start a career as a medical office administrator, the most important thing is training in healthcare software, transcription, health office procedures, record management, and receptions skills. Mostly, the employers prefer friendly MOAs, those who can make patients feel more comfortable.

Training Period:

Bay River College offers a diploma program for efficient training as a medical office administrator that takes 12 months and includes 200 hours of Field Placement. This is a student-friendly and accelerated program that makes students able to start work immediately after completing the diploma.

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The Career Options as Medical Office Administrator:

The medical officer administrators mostly join hospitals and clinics, and sometimes at residential care facilities and nursing homes. The prominent positions include:

  • Dentist office
  • Medical training
  • Hospitals
  • Chiropractic clinics
  • Physiotherapist clinics

The responsibilities concerning these roles may differ depending upon the place, nurses and doctors you are working with. Those who work at hospitals had to work in shifts; working at clinics are regular business hours.


  • Training as a medical office administrator is quick and fast than any other healthcare programs.
  • Medical officer administrators have close interaction with patients and can make them feel comfortable and at ease. That is to make a real difference in their lives.
  • The job of a medical office administrator is a non-medical health care job, and no one will have to deal with fluids of the body like blood.


  • Most clinics and hospitals are in big cities, making it very difficult to get a job as a medical office administrator in rural areas.
  • Those medical officer administrators working at hospitals may find it challenging to deal with their rotating shifts.
  • Busy places like hospitals and clinics may cause stress, and the employers’ demand quick work by meeting deadlines and staying organized.

Salary as MOA:

According to the job bank of the government of Canada, most recent information. The salary of MOA would be as follow:

Median salary: $29/h that would be $ 40,000 – $ 45,000 per year.

Some MOAs are also learning $ 15 per hour at the low-end, and some earn $ 29 per hour at the high-end. The increasing experience also increases salary.

The Job Outlook in Canada:

Looking at the government of Canada job bank’s reports and surveys. The employment forecast concerning Medical Office Administrators jobs is fair. That shows the availability of jobs with balanced medical office administrator job seekers. The job bank rate the career option 2 out of 3 stars, which is the average growth. The average growth means there is no huge demand, but there is a good flow of jobs. The candidates of medical office administration can secure their employment quickly.

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Admission Advisors at Bay River College:

Still, if you have any inquiries or confusion about your career as a medical office administrator, our qualified admission advisors can help you out. They will give you good recommendations after carefully analyzing your information and the skill set needed for this career. The admission advisors at Bay River College also help the students understand application requirements, financial aid programs and costs in detail.

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