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As humanity is becoming advanced and starts realizing the importance of communities, it has increased the demand for community service workers. Community service workers (CSWs) are capable of working with vulnerable people suffering different calamities of life and need immediate help and support. The demographics of these people include:

  • Refugees.
  • Youth at risk.
  • People suffering from drug addiction.
  • People with issues like mental health.
  • Survivors of domestic abuse.

Community service workers have to connect these vulnerable people to appropriate resources by providing counselling and arranging the treatment according to the needs of people. They become the last hope of many homeless people who have nowhere to go. So, in reality, community service workers are making a real difference in today’s world. Following are some well-known career options as CSW. The people interested in social services and being helpful to the needy can find this career incredibly rewarding.

1.      Youth Worker:

Those children and youth who are at risk of addiction or are dropped in community centres, or are facing unemployment issues need the attention of youth workers. The youth worker tries to develop close relationships with such youth and help them develop personalized plans, and provide intervention programs according to each child’s needs. Youth workers need to fulfil the following responsibilities:

  • Preparation of case histories and assessment reports of children that needs attention.
  • They also supervise parent’s children meetings by taking care of safety measures.
  • They had to intervene in case of crisis and suicide plan.
  • They are also needed for supervision at custody facilities, detention, group homes, and halfway houses.
  • Sometimes they are also required to accompany the vulnerable youth to appointments with specialists and at social gatherings.

How Bay River College prepares you to start your career as a youth worker

  • Complete guidance about the addiction effects on individuals as well as on society.
  • How to make successful strategies for crisis intervention?
  • Proper training for analyzing family relationships and dynamics.

2.      Mental Health Worker:

Working on this position, the community service worker will have to provide support in mental health problems, facilitation, and crisis management to the people residing at group homes, clinics, abuse centres and several other facilities. Most of the time, you have to work with medical staff like doctors and nurses. The primary responsibilities include:

  • How to make successful strategies for crisis intervention?
  • Keeping the record by monitoring the needs, progress, and strengths of residents.
  • Providing supports in case of mental health problems, addictions, harm reduction, and trauma.
  • Mental Health Workers are also facilitating personnel at the workshops regarding addiction, mental health, and other life-saving skills.
  • How to conduct motivational interviews and teaching skills concerning behaviour management.

At Bay River College, community services diploma program enables you to get the following training:

  • Detailed study program about different symptoms and their treatments in case of common mental health disorders.
  • Proper guidance about the preparation and presentation of patient progress reports.
  • A training from experts about the fundamentals of psychology, motivation, behaviour, learning, and personality.

3.      Addiction Counsellor:

An addiction counsellor’s job is to provide counselling to the drug addicts and support them throughout their recovery process. An addiction counsellor can work at rehabilitation centres, hospitals, clinics and several other community-based facilities for addicted people. Addiction counsellors had to fulfil their responsibilities:

  • Transporting patients for meetings and appointments with a specialist.
  • They need to supervise and monitor addicted people at their residence.
  • They had to perform testing for substance abuse.
  • They need to provide counselling and treatment programs necessary for substance abuse.
  • Taking care of regular intake of medication prescribed by specialists.

At Bay River College we are providing the following training to community service workers needed for the role of addiction counsellor:

  • Addiction and mental health training.
  • Deep understanding of human psychology, motivation, personality theory, learning, and behaviour.
  • Training for writing progress reports.
  • All kinds of counselling techniques, needed to address addicted people.
  • Training concerning how to coach and set new goals of life and helping people for achieving them.

4.      Career as Shelter Worker/Supervisor:

They need to supervise and run housing facilities and community shelters for vulnerable people. At a time, they are dealing with people suffering from domestic abuse, youth at risk, homeless population, et cetera. They need to fulfil the following responsibilities:

  • Providing proper counselling to the residents of shelters.
  • Conduct interviews.
  • Administrative role, replying to emails and phone calls.
  • Developing positive relations with agencies involved in community social services and other resources.
  • Become a part of development and planning programs.

Bat River College the community service worker program train workers for this position by providing:

  • Training for identifying people at risk living in the community.
  • Training for mental health problems and drug addiction.
  • Special training for approaching people in crisis and how to support them.

5.      Groups Home worker:

This role of community service worker tries to provide safe homes and manage and supervise the living environment of those who have special needs. These people may have physical developmental disabilities, domestic violence victims, and youth in care, people recovering from substance abuse, et cetera. The responsibilities of group home workers are:

  • To help the residents in their routine works.
  • Developing daily activity plans and help the residents to implement by prioritizing their activities.
  • Providing good care to residents with a home-friendly atmosphere.

Our college Bay River’s program of community service worker train people by:

  • Good counselling techniques for those who need help.
  • Detailed information about the symptoms of common mental health disorders and their treatment.

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6.      Family Service Worker:

These workers provide support programming and outreach for whole families who are vulnerable, specifically those families facing difficulties concerning parents, child or parent-adolescent issues. The family service worker plays the role of early childhood development worker, social worker, and being a part of the care team with the following responsibilities:

  • In-home support services.
  • Facilitator of family meetings.
  • Making plans to remove barriers and preventing people from intrusive actions like child apprehensions.
  • Help families to make their natural support networks.
  • Helping families out as liaisons with a mutual collaboration of other professionals and community agencies.

Bay River College is providing the following training to their community service workers for this position:

  • Training for writing progress reports.
  • Counselling techniques for individuals and groups.
  • Deep knowledge of the Canadian social welfare system using the available social program resources is correct.
  • Training of analyzing family relationships and dynamics.

There is a tremendous demand for experience in the field of community services workers. So Bay River College is introducing a community services worker program of 2 years and 260 Hrs Practicum. The graduates and diploma holders from our college succeeded quickly and immediately get hired by nonprofit organizations, rehabilitation centers, clinics and hospitals in Canada.

Still, if you have an inquiry, you are most welcome to contact our admission advisors, who are just a click away. They will guide you through and answer your expectations. Moreover, they can also be consulted for information about class schedules and financial aid options.

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